Free Audiobook Code Giveaway

US and UK audiobook codes are available for a few books that I have written for those that are interested. These are all narrated by Christy Sassmen. If you are interested in getting a free code, please e-mail:


Aron is wandering in the world alone. She never met her real parents, and she has a hard time getting close to people, but when she finds out she has a twin brother she never met, her whole world comes to a halt. Little did she know that a secret service agent, a noncommittal hipster, and a grieving bachelor would help her find out who she is and why her past was kept a secret from her.

US Link:

UK Link:

Cloak and Dagger

After three months of training under Chief Stone and her uncle, Aron has managed to isolate a memory of a rebel agent that compromised the nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ria has became a fighting machine, and Sam has mastered his new job in cyber security. When one of their trainees is captured by an outside force, the group must come together to rescue her.
Will they come too late, or will they find out a secret that will bring a downfall on the entire agency?
Only time will tell.

US Link:

UK Link:

Starting Again

When Macy is left with her best friend’s child, Mazy, and has to raise her as her own, her life is changed forever. She learns to cope with work, happiness, and the true meaning of love while facing a few road blocks in the way.

US Link:

UK Link:

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