Don’t Huck Finn Your Chores

When you get comfortable with another person in a relationship, it is easy to fall into the routine of letting one person do most of the chores. However, it is important that this isn’t a constant thing. If you are letting your significant other take over most of the household chores, then you might be missing out on opportunities to get closer to him or her, and there may also be some unspoken resentment.

It takes two to make the mess in the house, and therefore, it should take two to clean it. Leaving all of the chores on one person in the relationship can make the other person look at you differently. He or she may think that you aren’t willing to put in the motivation and determination that it takes to be in a relationship. He or she may also feel used.

Both people in a relationship want to feel loved and cared for, so it is necessary for both people to do their part to make sure they are attending to the needs of both the relationship and the household. Leaving the chores up to one person may make that person feel overwhelmed and tired, which in turn may impact the longevity of your partnership.

In order to address this issue, make sure that both of you are stepping up and helping each other. No one wants to feel worn out because they are the only one taking care of business, and besides when two people work together, both people tend to enjoy their life together better and have the energy to do other things besides maintain the household.

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