Picking the Odd One Out

Dating is a journey, and sometimes that journey isn’t easy. A lot of us go into it, thinking that we know exactly what we are looking for and struggle with the difficulty of finding the type of person that we have pictured in our heads. However, the problem with doing that is that just because we think that we know what we want, doesn’t mean we are always right.

Sometimes, the person that you picture dating and the person that you are meant to end up with are two very different things. If it were as easy as imagining what we wanted and finding it, we could probably do a quick Internet search and find a person that met all of the qualities that we were looking for. However, people need a person in a relationship that is going to allow them to grow. Therefore, the person that is good for a person might not exactly be the person that was pictured.

It is important to keep an open mind when dating other people. Just because someone isn’t your usual type, doesn’t mean that person can’t be good for you. Sometimes, it is the things that we haven’t experienced that allow us to grow and better ourselves as individuals, so with that said, giving a person that wouldn’t be your normal first pick on the dating list a chance, may be just the thing that you need to find the perfect relationship. Just think, if you already knew what you needed, wouldn’t you already be in a relationship?

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