Meeting Your Partner’s Friends

When dating a person, he or she may want you to meet his or her friends. Sometimes, these are relationships that your other half may have had since he or she was small, so this meeting might be very important to him or her. So, what is the best approach when you have to do this? The answer can be different for everyone, but here are some suggestions.

1. Greet each friend that your partner has you meet.

Let his or her friends know that you are happy to meet him or her and be attentive. Say hello at the appropriate time and shake his or her hand.

2. Listen.

Listen to what your other half’s friends say. Try to engage in their stories and be responsive when necessary.

3. Be open-minded.

You might find that you don’t click with your partner’s friends, but make sure that you are still polite. Just because these people might not mean too much to you, doesn’t mean that they don’t mean a lot to your partner.

4. Be pleasant.

Laugh at your partner’s friends jokes and try to keep the atmosphere positive and peaceful. This may lead to a smoother transition at the visit’s end.

5. Thank your partner.

Let your partner know that you appreciate that he or she let you meet the people that are important to him or her. Remember, these people might be some of the closest people to your other half.

Meeting your partner’s friends might be intimidating or even something that lacks appeal. However, try to open your mind, and be polite. If you two are together for a while, these people might be in your life as well.


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