The Life of the Party

If you are used to being the life of the party, it might seem a little confusing as to how to compromise with a partner that is more of an introvert. Your partner may not be one to go to many social events, and he or she may be shy when it comes to new conversations. So, how do you handle this type of situation? How can you satisfy your need to go out without excluding your partner’s feelings? Though the answer may be different for everyone, here are some suggestions.

1. Plan your outings.

Take turn planning the things that you do as a couple. That will give both of you the chance to voice your opinions, and it makes it so each of you have a turn to do something that you want to do. This may help prevent your partner from becoming overwhelmed as he or she can do something quieter with you on his or her day to pick the activity.

2. Don’t leave your partner at an outing.

If you and your partner do go out to a party or social event, stick by his or her side. Don’t leave your partner with people that he or she doesn’t know and try to make your partner comfortable by introducing him or her to your friends.

3. Don’t put your partner on the spot.

If the two of you are at a social event, refrain from talking about personal things that go on in your relationship. Try to keep the conversation comfortable, and don’t make your partner uncomfortable by making him or her talk about subjects that would put him or her on the spot.

Be patient if you have a partner that is more introverted than you and be willing to compromise. If both of you have a chance to choose your activities, then there may be more of a chance that you will both like them.

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