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Trenton let the warmth of the fire relieve the chill from her hands and the quiet of the room around her fill her. The small cabin wasn’t much. It only had three rooms and a small fireplace but it had been a good escape from the outside world for the last few months. Trenton looked at the calendar. Yep, it had been four months, and she knew that it was about time to go back home and face the music, at least the place everyone was telling her was home. Her memories of the past were few and since her accident, she couldn’t remember how her life used to be or who she really was. For all she knew, she could have been a famous actress or a chemist.Trenton remembered the accident. She remembered slipping and hitting her head, and she remembered looking across the bathroom floor while blood flowed around her head. Everything after that was a blur, and though there were a few people at the hospital trying to help her remember things, nothing prominent about her past rang a bell.And boy did it bother her that she couldn’t remember anything! It was like being a stranger in a new town. She wasn’t sure who she could trust or what to do. There was no map that gave her directions on how to navigate her new life or how she could find out about her old one. What if her old life was unfullfilling? Was it even worth finding out how it was? Or would it be better just to restart her life from the present moment? At least she would know how she felt about everything if she did that.It was an odd feeling to not know herself, to have no idea if her past life made her happy, and to not know what her goals or dreams were. Trenton put her head in her hands and tried not to cry. She didn’t know who she was. She didn’t have any aspirations, and for some reason she felt like she was missing someone close to her, but she didn’t even know who that was at this point. It was so lonely restarting a life that she didn’t even remembered having, and though the doctors said that there was a chance that she would regain some of her memory over time, there was still no guarantee.Taking a breath, Trenton tried to figure out what to do. She couldn’t hide out in the cabin forever. She was fortunate that Pam, the woman that claimed she was her sister had the funds to help her get it, but she had to move forward somehow. And leaving the cabin was the first step in doing that. She didn’t know where she would go or how she would get a job, but she was sure that it was time to be self-sufficient. Life had to start at some point, and given that she was blessed enough to get another chance at living hers, she figured she shouldn’t waste it.Trenton pulled the familiar business card out of her pocket and used the small phone that Pam had given her to call the number on the front of it. “Hello,” she said into the receiver.”Hello?” the voice on the other end responded.”Can I order a taxi for tomorrow?” Trenton replied. She gave the respondent on the other end the information that she needed and hung up the phone. Trenton put the phone back into her pocket and looked at the small crumpled piece of paper in her hand. Pam Reed. 3506 Ramelle Dr. She wasn’t sure if going to Pam’s house was a wise idea, but it was a good starting point in figuring out who she was. Hopefully, Pam had honorable intentions.

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