The Fiery Cowboy Now on Amazon

Should I fake-marry the cowboy so I don’t lose my ranch… and my new life?I’ve never cared much for cowboys or their hats.Until now.Enter dreamy cowboy to the rescue when my car breaks down.

He’s tall, tanned, and flashes one of his abundant sexy smiles.After my divorce, my grandmother’s inheritance helped me start over in a small Montana town.Out of habit, my right hand slips to the ring.I promised myself I’d pull the ring off before I got there.Soon I find out this small town harbors a few secrets.Secrets that will get me into a fake marriage with this cowboy.

Can I even trust him? How did I get myself into this mess?“Fiery Cowboy” is a steamy novella with alternating POVs and a cliffhanger that strings into the satisfying romantic HEA series “Dr. Campbell”.


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