Sleeping on Couches

After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend, Jai decides to take a break from life and work on a friend of the family’s farm. While learning to appreciate herself and the things that she loves again, Jai meets one of the farm help, Sam. She and Sam grow close quickly, but Jai soon finds out that Sam is hiding dark secrets about her past. Will Jai figure out who this woman really is before she falls in love with her, or will it be too late?

Book Bits: “A Bit of A Pickle” Chapter Thirteen

Thank you for joining me for Book Bits. In this episode, we will begin to read the book “A Bit of a Pickle” by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue. This is the second book in the Simmons Series.





This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Chapter Thirteen

Gertie walked out the door, looking around for the stray cat who had started to show up every time that they went outside. A rustle sounded at her side, and she looked into the flower bed, spotting the small, orange creature. “Come here,” she coaxed. “I brought you some fish.” The cat stood its ground, sniffing at the inviting snack in her hand. “Fine, kitty,” Gertie replied. “It seems like I’ve met my match. You’re about as stubborn as a mule.” Gertie gave in to the small animal, setting the snack close to its hiding place and walked away. As she walked down to the mailbox, she could hear the small creature come out of hiding, and she looked up, smiling when she saw him eating her food. “Darn guy,” Gertie said to herself as she opened the mailbox, retrieving the items inside. 

Gertie walked back up the driveway, looking at the large parcel in her hand and walked into the house. “Edna, you got a package,” she called, knowing that her wife would be more than excited. After the incident with Fredrick, Gertie had convinced Edna to take another DNA test, this time from a more trusted company. Though Gertie had her reserves about the whole situation, she knew her wife was curious about her background, and she wanted to do what she could to support Edna.

Edna walked into the living room, looking at the large parcel in Gertie’s hands. “What is it?” she asked, a bit of excitement in her voice. Edna took it out of Gertie’s hands without waiting for her answer and began to rapidly rip the package open.

Gertie watched as Edna opened the parcel, noticing her face light up as she pulled out a piece of paper and read it. “What does it say?” Gertie inquired, curiosity getting the best of her. 

Edna looked up at her wife with awe and handed her the letter. Gertie read Edna’s results and looked back up at her wife. “So, you really do have a brother?” Gertie commented, looking at the letter again before turning her attention back to her wife. 

“I guess,” Edna said. “Did you read the name?”

“No,” Gertie replied, looking back at the piece of paper. She scanned the letter, looking for the brother’s name, and when she finally found it, she felt her heart nearly stop in her chest. “Theodore Rollins?” she asked, looking back up at Edna. “Is that…”

“Yes, Gertie,” Edna beamed. “It’s Theodore from the gas station. I knew that I liked him for some reason. Who knew it was because we were related?”

“That’s just nuts,” Gertie said. “We went all over looking for your brother only to find out that he was in our town all along.” 

“I just can’t believe it,” Edna said, setting the letter down. 

GERTIE WALKED INTO the kitchen and watched as her wife prepared dinner. “What’s up with all of the green stuff?” Gertie asked, looking at the large salads that were sitting on the table.

“Oh, I just thought that I’d make something nice for Theodore,” Edna smiled. 

“I thought that we were done eating this type of food,” Gertie retorted, wondering how the grumble in her stomach was going to be satisfied by the leafy dinner. “It’s not too late to make a steak.”

“Gertie,” Edna scolded. “I told you. We need to eat healthier, and now that we are back from vacation, we need to start our diet. Besides, some people think that this is a fancy meal, and I only want to make the best food for my brother.” 

Gertie began to say something else but was interrupted by the sound of knocking at the door. “I’ll get it,” she said, hoping to save herself before she said something that would get her in trouble with her wife. Gertie walked out of the kitchen and to the door, opening it slightly to look outside. “Theodore,” she said, opening the door wider and letting the man in. “It’s nice to see that you made it.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Simmons,” Theodore said, walking with Gertie to the kitchen. “So, what’s this amazing dinner that Edna was talking about? Steak? Chicken?” he asked, peering around the corner and into the dining area.

“Salad,” Gertie grinned, looking at Theodore’s surprised face. “It’s Edna’s specialty.” 

“Oh, I see,” Theodore commented. “It looks nice, Edna,” he said, forcing a smile. “But are you sure that you don’t want me to grill a steak and whip up some potatoes?”

“Well, I suppose you could,” Edna said, a small smile on her face. 

“Theodore,” Gertie replied, looking at the man. “I think you and I will get along just fine.”

About the Author

Growing up in a small town, Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue spent a majority of her time reading and writing, so when she was granted the opportunity to write full-time, she didn’t have to think twice.  Since beginning her writing career, she has managed to pen several lesbian romances, while adding a little action and adventure to spice things up. As a newly graduated MBA student, she plans to use her recently discovered free time to craft the art that she loves. For more information on Nicole’s new releases or to find out what she has been working on, sign-up for her newsletter at

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