Compassionate Minds

Taton has spent the last five years dedicated to improving an invention that will help people deal with stress. She came up with the concept in order to deal with the guilt of her late friend’s passing. When she gets the opportunity to do a research study that might put the product on the market, she wastes no time in seizing the opportunity. With the help of her sister and Dr. Irene Campbell, Taton navigates the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, and in the process, she is faced with a whole new sense of self-discovery.

A Brief Debacle

Edna and Gertie Simmons live a leisurely life, and as they have aged into their seventies, their thirst for adventure has slowly diminished. However, when Edna finds that her briefcase, containing some of her most sentimental pieces of jewelry, has vanished, she contracts Gertie to go on an unforgettable journey to locate it.

Vertel het me niet twee keer

Wanneer Buck Miller, de zanger van Jems en Jamz, haar vriendin Olive en leadgitarist verliest aan een rivaliserende band, neemt haar leven een drastische wending. Net als alles te veel lijkt, huurt haar bandmanager een nieuwe vrouw, Ziggy Johnson, in om Olives plaats in te nemen. Ziggy is charmant en daagt Buck uit met haar algehele talent, waardoor er spanning tussen de twee ontstaat. Buck doet haar best om met de andere vrouw om te gaan, maar wanneer de Ziggy haar plek op zang bedreigt, laaien de gemoederen op.

Starting Again

After a devastating health issue, Macy loses her best friend Henry and finds out that he left the custody of his daughter in her hands. Without any experience, Macy instantly becomes a mother to three-year-old Ally and attempts to put back the pieces in the little one’s life. Just when she thinks that she is getting everything under control, she meets her new supervisor, Lynn. Within one meeting with the new woman, the two clash, and to make matters worse, Macy finds out that the woman is a member of her support group. Macy does her best to not mix business with pleasure, but as time goes by, she realizes that she might have a lot more in common with Lynn than she had originally thought.