Mr. Blue

Have you ever had that moment when your gut tells you something unexpected is about to happen and your nerves shiver uncontrollably? Yeah, that’s how he made me feel. Every. Single. Day. There was something about the warmth of his presence, the way he smiled and how his blue eyes made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I don’t know why I was drawn to him whenever he walked into the room but he did. Problem was, he was my best friend and he had no idea.


Ruby Red

One night stands only need apply. Ali Stinson is having a bad day. Her afternoon tryst has been interrupted (before they got to the good part) to discover her investment manager has run away with all her money. Now she has to keep up appearances with her high society friends, find a dress for an upcoming charity event and not fall in love with Sam, the cute bartender, who insists on helping her. Thing is she’s 90% sure she doesn’t want help. Adulting is hard. Looking for work, not love. Sam Freemont is having a strange day. He was in the middle of the best kiss of his life when his boss walked in and halted the fun. Not helping with the low profile he’s trying to maintain. Now he can’t get Ali off his mind or out of his dreams. Good thing she’s a regular at the swanky resort he just started working at. Gives him time to find a way back to her lips. Or better yet, into her heart. Ruby Red is a riches-to-rags, hidden identity slow burn contemporary romance published with Champagne Book Group

Before Twelve: Jamie’s Story

I’ve never been anyone’s first choice, last choice, or anything in between. I’m also used to failing, being forgotten and I was unapologetically clumsy and Broken. Dissatisfied. Lost All it took was spilled rum and pineapple juice, twenty seconds of courage, for Sam to take my breath away.

Question is: Will he remember me?

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a prequel to the Serendipity Series. Be warned, it comes with a cliff hanger. This book has mature content, must be over 18 years of age to read.

The Billionaire Mogul

Stuck in Vegas with a Billionaire Alpha A-Hole that I love to hate!

My plan was simple. Finish my Vegas residency and jet off for a glamorous world tour. I didn’t want this residency, and Vincent Matthews was going to learn this the hard way! The alpha a-hole, billionaire, and self-proclaimed music man is the reason I’m stuck in this hellhole. I hated him the minute we met, and I was going to press all his buttons to get out of Vegas. A social media trail of chaos after my booze-filled escape to Miami should have done the trick…Except, he moves me into his penthouse to keep me in check and I find out that I love to hate my hot billionaire boss. I hadn’t planned on flirting with him…I hadn’t planned on wanting him…Vincent Matthews always gets what he wants. Looks like he’s about to get my V-card.