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“Aspiring Affection” Now Available in Retail


Aspiring Affection

Creative Magazine Ebook


When River Jensen hires Marie Reynolds as her restaurant designer, she is apprehensive about the other woman’s commitment to the project and wonders if the woman’s modeling aspirations will get in the way of her own dreams. However, as their relationship blossoms into one of affection, River’s trust in the other woman is tested, and Marie is left with the choice to follow through with River’s restaurant design or to give up everything to follow her own dreams.



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🥰Valentine’s Day Deep Discounts🥰

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Narrator Delina Christie has free audiobook codes for “The Flood Between Us/The Heart of the Rodeo”. The descriptions are as follows:

The Flood Between Us

When a flood hits Grant’s Landing, Jack is one of the first to respond by bringing her construction company to the town to rebuild houses. The town is suffering from lack of supplies, lack of business, and lack of housing, so members of the town are required to call in further assistance. Jill, a member of Hope’s Integrity, decides to drive supplies to the small town, meeting the bruiting Jack who both challenges and excites her. The two women grow into each other’s worlds despite the great differences that they have, but when conflicts from their pasts come to light, will they be able to stick together, or will the floods of differences that they have sweep them apart?

The Heart of the Rodeo

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.

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Jems and Jamz Books 2-4 Are on Sale for a Limited Time

A Second Chance-Book 2

A Second Chance (2)


After Olive’s fallout with Jems and Jamz, she relocates to a small town and begins a new life. Upon taking a job at a cafe and forfeiting her fame, she meets River, the owner of Riverside Cafe and a local musician. Though the two don’t always see eye to eye, they find common ground in their music, and just as their relationship begins to grow, Olive is offered another chance to live a life of fame and luxury. Olive is left facing a hard decision. Should she follow her dreams of fame and fortune, or should she allow herself to love again? What should she do with her second chance?

To the Beat of Their Own Drum-Book 3

Romance eBook Cover (1)


Before becoming members of Jems and Jamz, Spike Bianchi and Jemma Rodriguez were just two lost individuals, trying to find their way in life. Find out how one trip to Texas changed the course of their lives and spurred the evolution of the band known as Jems and Jamz.

Finding a Voice-Book 4



Ziggy Johnson has been through one of the worst years of her life, but when she is roomed with Lana Waverly, a pompous woman with no concept of empathy, things take a turn for the worst. Ziggy does her best to cope with her roommate’s undesirable behavior, and in the process, she learns that there is much more to the other woman than she thought.


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