About Higginbotham Publications

I began writing, because I liked the idea of using the imagination to tell stories. At an early age, I published poetry, news articles, and jokes for magazines, but I always was partial to writing books. When I finally had the chance to do this, I wanted to write lesbian romance books that incorporated other parts of a woman’s life. Many of us have families, jobs, and non-romantic relationships that are a big part of our lives, and I thought that it would be more realistic to incorporate these features into the books that I wrote. Later, I noticed that the availability of LGBT books in bookstores and libraries was sparse. I wanted to write more than one genre of lesbian fiction, so that those that were into other types of books like action, adventure, crime, and mystery were able to find a book that suited their personality with characters that were like them. I am currently working on my newest project, “The Heart of the Rodeo”.