A Second Chance

After Olive’s fallout with Jems and Jamz, she relocates to a small town and begins a new life. Upon taking a job at a café and forfeiting her fame, she meets River, the owner of Riverside Café and a local musician. Though the two don’t always see eye to eye, they find common ground in their music, and just as their relationship begins to grow, Olive is offered another chance to live a life of fame and luxury. Olive is left facing a hard decision. Should she follow her dreams of fame and fortune, or should she allow herself to love again? What should she do with her second chance?


Sleeping on Couches

After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend, Jai decides to take a break from life and work on a friend of the family’s farm. While learning to appreciate herself and the things that she loves again, Jai meets one of the farm help, Sam. She and Sam grow close quickly, but Jai soon finds out that Sam is hiding dark secrets about her past. Will Jai figure out who this woman really is before she falls in love with her, or will it be too late?

Aspiring Affection

When River Jensen hires Marie Reynolds as her restaurant designer, she is apprehensive about the other woman’s commitment to the project and wonders if the woman’s modeling aspirations will get in the way of her own dreams. However, as their relationship blossoms into one of affection, River’s trust in the other woman is tested, and Marie is left with the choice to follow through with River’s restaurant design or to give up everything to follow her own dreams.

Sublime Retreats Romances

Sublime Retreats Romances, luxury travel never felt so good! Books 1–3

Sublime Retreats Romances are a series of interconnected romantic comedies that can be read in any order. They’re heartwarming stories of love, romance, hope, new beginnings, and second chances featuring unique characters, all set in beautiful locations.

Curl up and enjoy these romantic escapes today…


Can a holiday cure a broken heart?Laugh and fall in love as you travel to Greece in this feel – good rom com.


Fierce always gets his man, but can he get his woman?A feel good romantic comedy, the perfect beach read.


Sofia Marino is focused on one thing, finding the ideal job…When she lands the opportunity to work for Peter Williams at Sublime Retreats, it’s a dream come true and the last thing on her mind is romance.

A heart-warming, feel-good romance about life, love and family!

The Fiery Cowboy Now on Amazon

Should I fake-marry the cowboy so I don’t lose my ranch… and my new life?I’ve never cared much for cowboys or their hats.Until now.Enter dreamy cowboy to the rescue when my car breaks down.

He’s tall, tanned, and flashes one of his abundant sexy smiles.After my divorce, my grandmother’s inheritance helped me start over in a small Montana town.Out of habit, my right hand slips to the ring.I promised myself I’d pull the ring off before I got there.Soon I find out this small town harbors a few secrets.Secrets that will get me into a fake marriage with this cowboy.

Can I even trust him? How did I get myself into this mess?“Fiery Cowboy” is a steamy novella with alternating POVs and a cliffhanger that strings into the satisfying romantic HEA series “Dr. Campbell”.