The Peacemaker

Sometimes there are roles in a group of friends that define an individual’s traits, and in some cases a group might have a person that is the peacemaker. The peacemaker might be the friend that can show friends from both backgrounds that they share something in common. This person might be the reason that the group of friends is able to get along and find the things that are the same or similar between them.

Having a person like this in a group of friends can be nice as it may allow people that might have different political backgrounds, values, or even economic statuses feel like they are seen and respected. Since this type of person may be good at uniting the group, he or she may also be good at initiating conversation between those that would not normally talk to one another. This can be useful as it may bond people from different backgrounds and allow those that would normally refrain from talking to each other to have a conversation.

During times where things can seem very divided and where people seem to think that they need to take sides, a peacemaker can make it so the communication and understanding among individuals flows. This can help establish progress in areas where people don’t usually find common ground, and in this, it can also help people listen to the opinions of others and connect with those that they would normally avoid. When things are divided among individuals, bringing in a peacemaker might help things move forward, especially if division is not a common goal.

A Fan to Remember

When Spike takes over the band’s public relations, she is suddenly knee-deep in fan mail, and much to Jemma’s dismay, she spends most of her time on her new position. However, when threatening e-mails begin to come in from Fangirl38, Spike finds herself at odds, and before she knows it, the whole band is caught up in a mixture of suspense and terror.