Progress US Book Promotion

The following is the book promotion for Progress. This will be for US Amazon users, beginning April 2, 2018 and ending April 7, 2018. I hope this gives some of the new readers a chance to get this book at a lower price. Below, I have enclosed the promotional rates and book description.


Promotional Rates

April 2nd 0.99 USD

April 3rd 1.99 USD

April 4th 2.99 USD

April 5th 3.99 USD

April 6th 4.99 USD



Progress starts out with Dean, a young woman that lost her partner in a car accident. During her time of mourning, the woman takes a job at a hotel, leaving her old life behind. When a new woman gets hired to assist her in running the hotel [Kayla], Dean gets defensive, and the two battle it out until the doors of the past are reopened. In the meantime, Dean is called back to her side job as a private investigator and has to break the secrets behind a drug-hustling prostitution ring without blowing her cover. Dean and Kayla begin to grow close, and as everything plays out, Dean has to decide what is important in her life and if she will ever be able to let another person in without blowing her cover.