Who Wears the Pants?

However, as the times change, the roles of household duties and work duties have changed as well. It is normal these days to see a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad, as people are more focused on what is going to work better for both their schedules and finances.

Therefore, the pressure from family and friends to fit into a traditional role is no longer relevant. Couples have to work together to make sure that they can pay the bills and keep up with the errands that need to be done in their personal lives, so the idea of ‘who wears the pants’ in the house is no more.

Men and women have both learned as time has gone by that the bigger picture is how efficient they are in accomplishing their responsibilities and taking care of their families. There is no room for forced roles, and there is no need to assume that just because a person is of a certain gender that there is an assigned duty.

The bigger picture is the couple’s happiness, and in order to maintain a happy and healthy environment, a couple has to work together. Sometimes that means that they break the traditional rules of gender roles.